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MAY 5, 2010   

Twinkie sushi

Twinkie sushi arranged on platterLooks pretty good, no? I had a lot of fun making Twinkie Sushi for our VC&D Student Portfolio Show. Haven't tasted them myself after my disappointment with the Ultimate Twinkie a few weeks ago, but at least a couple of people gave them a thumbs-up.

If you're tempted to make your own—and who wouldn't be?—I've shown the steps below.


Twnkies, Fruit Roll-Ups and dried fruiteIt wasn't easy. My wife and I both combed the aisles at Dave's Supermarket, looking for Twinkies and Fruit Roll-ups with no success. Obviously it's been a long time since we've shopped for kids or this would have been a no-brainer.

We had to go back for the dried fruit, tipped off to its location by the friendly security guard.


Fruit roll-up and Twinkies at the readyThe most time-consuming part of the process (I'm not joking) was unwrapping the individually-wrapped Twinkies and Roll-ups.

I used green roll-ups because they look like seaweed (?) but mine had Shrek cartoons printed on them. I wrapped them with the little Shreks facing in.

The secret to success

Twinkies wrapped and on a trayBehind a big pile of plastic are the wrapped Twinkies, ready to be sliced. The secret I learned from an eHow.com tutorial: put them in the fridge for an hour so that you can slice, not smash, them.

Slice 'em

Slicing the Twinkie sushiChop off both ends and slice into three pieces. A sharp knife is important.

Stuff 'em

Dried fruit ready to go into Twinkie sushiI took the dried fruit (the only healthy part of this recipe) and chopped it into small pieces so that I could put at least two different colors in each piece of Twinkie. Seemed to me this made it more sushi-like.

Serve 'em

Chopsticks on bowlI sliced a couple more roll-ups and draped them over a bowl filled with more dried fruit, added a couple of chopsticks, and put everything on a serving tray.

My idea of how to serve sushi.

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