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JANUARY 2, 2010   

Snowpath Trail

Bridges near canal
Walking towards the canal from the parking lot at the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation it seemed that the world had been converted to a black and white movie. This familiar view looked dramatically different on an earlier visit.

Al & Joanne bundled up for a cold walkWith a temperature of 18 degrees and the wind blowing at about 20 miles an hour we had the whole place to ourselves except for a couple of ice fishermen under the bridge. We walked north towards Harvard Avenue about a mile and a half until cold toes convinced us to head back to the car. The walk was great: invigorating, interesting, a quiet world except for the occasional flock of birds.

I was inspired to take this walk by two friends who talked about doing it yesterday. Hope I can do the same for a few of you housebound readers. Put on warm clothes and get outside! You'll be glad you did.

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