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MAY 19, 2010

Good news

Detail of Plain Dealer Business pageIt doesn't happen often enough, but today's Business section in the Plain Dealer had good news instead of the typical announcement of layoffs and plant closings.

DIY Wall Decor

I was happy to read about a local company introducing Wallzaz, self-stick, removable wall decals that you can make from your own photos or artwork.

I went to the site and using their simple online calculator found that I could make my own 30 x 40 inch "mural" from one of my photos for about $50. Seems reasonable to me, and opens up lots of possibilities for marketing purposes. Not to mention gifts for the grandkids.

[ read PD article ]

Sustainable jobs

I wish it were local, but from the Columbus Dispatch, an article about Ohioans who are training to work in fields like alternative energy and other aspects of the "green" economy.

[ read Columbus Dispatch article ]

Free food

Panera Bread collection binSurprising but encouraging, an article about a Panera Bread store where customers are asked to pay what they can: "Take what you need, leave your fair share." The store in the St. Louis area is a model for others that the company plans for all the communities where it operates. Seems like a business model worth exploring.

The St. Louis location is described as "upscale," so maybe this won't actually help people who need it. Still, the effort begun by a non-profit offshoot of Panera seems like good news in a time when "me first" is all too commonly heard.

[ read PD article ]

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