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MAY 20, 2010


Pitcher of orange juiceI booked my motel room for the conference I'm attending in Lawrence, Kansas in a few weeks.

TripAdvisor.com thoughtfully provides this picture of the "restaurant" at the Quality Inn on Iowa Street. Pretty classy.

Wonder if I'll have to grease the palm of the maitre' d to get a good table at breakfast?

Anyway, the hotel is taken care of, I registered online for the conference, and tomorrow I'm going down to the Amtrak station to get my tickets. I'll be arriving and leaving Lawrence at a ungodly hour in the morning, but I still prefer a leisurely train ride to flying to Kansas City and taking a shuttle van to Lawrence.

More food

Lots of take-out containers inside a refrigeratorContinuing in a food theme, GOOD magazine online has a fascinating look at what people keep in their refrigerators, called You Are What You Eat.

I'm finding it pretty reassuring: our fridge looks like the poster child for healthy eating compared to many of these.

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