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APRIL 5, 2010   

First sprouts

Green pea sprout coming out of groundNearly a month earlier than last year the first pea sprouts have poked their heads out of the ground.

A bit more than two weeks ago I planted organic sugar snap peas in a trench along the back edge of the garden. It's not obvious from the picture, but I filled the trench with a mixture of peat moss, compost and horse manure. The leaves and straw you see are a layer of mulch I added on top.

I'm hoping to do better than last year, when only one pea sprouted, and it didn't survive more than a week or two. Not sure why.

Spinach sprouts in containerIn the containers that I seeded with spinach, lettuce and a mesclun mix, lots of tiny green leaves are sprinkling the surface. It won't be long before we have really fresh salad.

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