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JANUARY 14, 2010   

Help for Haiti

Driving to work today I heard a BBC broadcast from a hospital in Haiti. If you watch the video of this broadcast the images are grim. It's the sound, though (near the end of the clip) of a woman's screams that put today in perspective.

Stand With HaitiNormally I'd use this time and space to share with you a recap of the web workshop I attended, or the class I taught. But I can't forget those screams for help that weren't being answered, and perhaps still aren't.

What to do?

If you have your phone handy, text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross for Haiti aid. It will be added to your phone bill. By late Thursday more than $5 million had come in via this method.

Support Doctors Without Borders in HaitiYou can also click on the Stand with Haiti and/or Doctors Without Borders boxes at right to contribute via the web.

Doctors Without Borders you've probably heard of, while Stand with Haiti is a new campaign/website of Partners in Health. It was recommended by my friend Wendy, a doctor whose knowledge and concern for the poor of the world is far greater than mine. If Wendy says they do good work, they do good work.

NPR's Morning Edition today had several sobering reports on the earthquake in Haiti and even more frightening, what the near future may hold.

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