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August 1, 2012

Pictures of people

Woman with big glasses and Barbies on her headIf, like me, you've browsed PeopleofWalmart.com with the guilty fascination of someone eyeballing a car wreck, there's a better option. Much better.

Humans of New York shows people who wear funny clothes and have funny expressions on their faces, but it doesn't make fun of them. No snarky captions (a regular feature of People of Walmart).

In fact, the website's creator Brandon Stanton says that his goal is to pick a random person every day and "celebrate them on a stage every night."

He tries to talk with the people he photographs. On the website he often lets them speak for themselves in the form of a caption under the photo. Clearly, he loves and enjoys the humans of New York. You will too.

Watch this short (4 min.) video and you'll see why Humans of New York is such a joy to look at.

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