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May 31, 2012

Almost perfect

E type on trunk linThe chrome letters on the trunk lid say it all. They have a hand-made quality that combines elegance with craft. In the late '60s when this model Jaguar was produced, the technology was less sophisticated. No computer was involved. Perfection wasn't possible.

I was just out of high school when this lovely XK-E was new. I'd have lusted after her except that she was clearly out of my league. I had no more chance of driving one than dating Farrah Fawcett. The slightly less beautiful Corvette seemed more within reach. Never got to first base with her, either.

Chrome letter on XKE trunk lidThe deck lid shows some of the voluptuous curves that make up the XK-E.

Rear quarter view of green Jaguar XK-EStill more curves. Ooh baby!

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