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April 27, 2012

Now hiring: entry-level graphic/web designer

Now Hiring signREQUIRED:

Passionate, curious, open-minded, thoughtful, professional, articulate, dedicated, resourceful, responsible, hungry and tenacious individual. He/she is a problem-solver with fresh ideas who can create clean, intelligent work with real commercial value.


Adaptable, applicable, business acumen, collaborative, committed, compatible, concepts, confident, creative, detail-oriented, eager, esthetically fearless, excited, humble, imaginative, initiative, interested, interesting, inventive, likable, literate, mature, organized, original, personable, prepared, prolific, rebellious, relevant, resolved, skeptical, spark, talented, team player, versatile, vision, willing to learn.

Who says?

The description above is based on a LinkedIn/AIGA group discussion that's attracted 133 comments since April 1, 2012. I asked the group of professional designers "What one word best describes what you're looking for when hiring an entry-level graphic or web designer?"

It was tough for many to stick to one word, but of those who did I combined the most frequently-mentioned traits—roughly in order of frequency—into the "Required" description above. Other words that were mentioned only once are in alphabetical order under "Preferred".

Most frequently mentioned: Passionate (9) and Curious (7). No other words got more than 4 mentions.


If you'd like to read all 130+ comments and/or add your own, visit the LinkedIn discussion or comment below.

Photo: Quinn.Anya via flickr.com

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