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June 5, 2012

Sun spot

People at Edgewater, telescope projecting Venus transitWe joined hundreds of Clevelanders at Edgewater Park after supper to watch a once-in-a-lifetime event, the Transit of Venus.

If you look at the bright round image of the sun projected through the telescope, you'll notice a little black BB at about 1 o'clock. That's Venus.

This alignment of Venus between the sun and earth happens about once every hundred years, so it seemed worth a trip to the park to see it.

Sun dog

Looking west from EdgewaterAfter looking though a few telescopes and seeing many more projected images, Joanne and I settled in our folding chairs with a thermos of coffee and watched the sun set.

We got to see another of the sun's tricks, a vertical sort-of-rainbow called a "Sun Dog."

In the photo it's slightly right of center, the bright area above the tallest apartment building. You can clearly see the red-orange on the right edge of the sun dog. The colors aren't nearly as pure, nor are there as many, as in a true rainbow. A sun dog may also be called a "mock sun."

My sunshine

Panorama looking northwest from Edgewater Park

This panorama (made with Photosynth, of course) shows the view from our chairs near the lake's edge. Joanne's red hat livens things up.

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