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March 6, 2012

New phone

Old and new iPhoneWith my trip to SXSW a couple of days away I decided to bite the bullet and replace my old iPhone with a new one. A trip to the Apple store was on my agenda.

This was no minor upgrade. My 2008 phone was showing its age: none of the newer apps would work on it, not to mention it was slow to do just about everything.

My new iPhone 4S, on the left is slimmer but feels heaver, probably due to its glass and steel construction. No more plastic.

The high-resolution screen looks pretty great, but you can see the different in this photo. It makes reading immensely easier, since text is crisp and clear.

And here's something I love (and hate): Siri, the voice-activated "helper." This is clearly a big step forward in how we interact with our smart devices. But there are odd inconsistencies in how the system operates.

More about this later. For now, let's just say that so far I'm a happy camper with this phone.

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