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April 4, 2012

Not better

MousetrapIf building a better mousetrap will bring the world to your door, the inventors of this one should be very lonely people.

After baiting four traps with different delicacies (peanut butter, cheese, salami), three nights went by with no kills.

Worse yet, mice left little pellet-shaped calling cards around several of the traps, making it clear something was wrong.

Were these super-mice, too smart to nibble on fragrant treats on little orange platters. Or were the traps not working?

We got our answer yesterday, when the little furball we're dog-sitting this week licked the peanut butter off a trap and walked away with her tongue intact. On the one hand, traumatic injury and trip to doggie ER averted. On the other hand, proof that these traps are a waste of time.

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