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July 11, 2012


Front door to Nora's PlaceIt's an ordinary house in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Out for a morning walk you'd probably pass right on by, unless you knew that this was Norah's place. Then you'd go up the steps and in the front door for a home-cooked breakfast.

Afterwards you could drop some cash in the pitcher on the kitchen table as you left. Or not.

In a pretty radical experiment in community, Norah makes a breakfast feast in her house every morning for anyone who shows up.

I went to Norah's with my friend (and Yellow Springs resident) Jeanne. That's about the only way you'd know it existed. I searched the Internet to find out more, and there was only this blog entry from another traveler clued in by a friend.

Jeanne at Nora'sOn the dining room table there's a nice selection of breakfast fare: muffins, quiche, fruit cobbler, yogurt. Jeanne is scooping up some homemade granola.

If that's not enough, you can ask for any standard breakfast item, like eggs, waffles, potatoes, burritos, and more. Norah will cook it to order.

For a breakfast lover like me, this is heaven. As with much of Yellow Springs, the atmosphere is a little funky but laid back and friendly.

My kind of place.

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