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July 14, 2012

Next stop, Montreal

Rice & veggies in Styrofoam boxHours and hours on the 401 East towards Montreal. I became quite fond of Tim Horton's coffee and wireless, so stopped more than once to take advantage of both.

At this stop at Tim's (as the natives call it) I enjoyed leftovers from last night's dinner at the Persian restaurant in Toronto.

Cut-up tomato and green pepper from my Cleveland garden made it even better.

Five lanes of cars stopped in trafficMiraculously I didn't run into much construction on the drive north...until I reached the outskirts of Montreal.

Should have been about ten more minutes from this point, but it was a lot longer.

I was hot and cranky, but the end was in sight. Look on the left side and you can see construction cranes on the horizon. I was that close to the city.

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