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May 26, 2012

One more step

Stuff piled inside carIt took most of the day on Friday, but I successfully transferred the contents of my former office at Tri-C into the back of my car.

Once I dispose of the few remaining things that will go to our department office for safekeeping and turn in my key, that's it. My assistant professor days at Tri-C will be over.

Trundling boxes of books out to the car with my little dolly (near the center of the photo) reminded me of my first full time teaching job at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis.

From August 1996 to May 2000 I commuted every week from Cleveland to Indy where I had a small apartment that I lived in Monday-Thursday. Most weeks I flew, courtesy of Herron. I drove only at the beginning and end of the year and before and after Christmas break.

Every Spring I used that same dolly to move the entire contents of my apartment into our '87 Plymouth Voyager and every Fall did the opposite.

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