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May 14, 2012


stack of binders on deskI dutifully arrived at West Campus this morning just a little late, as is my custom, for the end-of-year meeting. The parking lot was suspiciously half-full. No one was walking toward the Theater where big meetings usually held.

Inside, the “B” atrium was deserted. That made it definite: no meeting today.

Since I was there and had nothing particular to do, I started the daunting task of clearing out my office.

About half of my storage space is taken up with stuff from classes, particularly Intro to Visual Communication. Quite a few students never show up to claim their notebooks, so I threw out all the papers and ended up with this stack of three-ring binders and mostly empty sketchbooks.

Next, I need to decide the fate of the remaining projects: the papier-mache Mickey Mouse, the silver TV set, the "Failure Is Not A Dead End" road sign. That's a job for another day.

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