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March 7, 2012


C119 sign, with people in background It was the last class before Spring Break and the students were sweating bullets in room C119. They were more dressed up than I'd ever seen them, about to undergo the dreaded Mini-Review.

Each of them had prepared three or more of their best pieces to show a group of faculty and outside professionals I'd invited to give them feedback.

The next two and a half hours was our own spin on Speed Dating: each reviewer got a "dance card" that listed students in the order they would see them. They had exactly nine minutes per student. When the alarm went off the reviewer moved to the next student. It was hectic but fun (mostly).

Afterwards everyone was all smiles. It was over.

Nearly every student had gotten positive feedback, frequently mixed with negative comments, often on the same piece. More importantly, they'd learned to talk about their work with people who asked pointed questions.

As always, we can only do these events due to the generous faculty and professionals who share their time and expertise with our students. This year, a big thanks to: Adam Drake, Sheila Hart-Fowler, Michael Maldonado, Seong-Ae Mun, Don Pavlish, and Trey Shively.

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