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January 26, 2012

Write or talk?

Hand typing on keyboardI was several minutes into writing an email to my boss about an event I was planning. How much background should I give him: short & sweet, or detailed so he wouldn't have to respond with an email asking for more info? In a sudden flash of inspiration it occurred to me: pick up the phone and call.

I did, he answered, and in moments we'd taken care of the event issues. He also brought up an unrelated problem that we were still trying to hash out and we figured out a way to move on that.

All in all, quicker and more satisfying to talk on the phone than via email. Why don't we do more of that?

Well, as an avid email user myself, here are its advantages:

The disadvantages:

Email vs. ???

What do you think? Love email or hate it? Are there some things you prefer to do by email? Do you ever write actual letters and mail them? Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Please add your comments below.

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