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February 23, 2012

Interactive books...again

This TED video shows a talented artist and the interactive storybook she created for the iPad.

It's lovely and clever and uses sound and motion and imagery to create a compelling storytelling experience.

Sort of like dozens of interactive books back in the late 90s released as CD-ROMs.

Clearly the newer tablet technology is more capable and graceful than CDs, which had to be played on desktop computers. You couldn't take them outside, or use the built-in camera to add elements to the story. The element of touch was largely missing, except for what could be done with a mouse.

So, sure, this is a big improvement. I suspect tablet-delivered books will have more staying power than CD-ROMs. They provide a much better experience and provide more ways to interact. But forgive me if I'm a little cynical about the description of this as a "magical world...of pure creativity."


And it seems that I'm repeating myself too. About a year ago I wrote more positively about books on the iPad in What's Old is New Again.

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