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February 15, 2012

Little Printer

It's so cute... can I have one?

I really do love this gizmo even though it's a totally unnecessary addition to my already crowded media world.

Could a personalized mini-newspaper be a step forward from the big traditional newspaper that I read at the kitchen table every morning? Hard to say.

I love the big ol' newspaper. It's been part of my life for what seems like forever. But I do feel a little guilty when I immediately throw away all the ad sections without even looking at them. A few hours later I throw away (recycle, actually) all the rest.

Maybe a severely customized little paper would be better. Save trees, save energy, save time.

Probably not. I read the paper to get more details, not fewer. Which means that I'd most likely end up with both, bring us back to the question of what would I gain by adding another paper-consuming device? Cute and clever, while true, don't seem to be good enough reasons.

More info

Website + email list (Printer should be available Spring, 2012)

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