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March 25, 2012

Sunday summary

Monday, March 19

Jamocha Chocolate Chip cone

Flowers are nice, but the real sign that Spring is here is a Jamocha Chocolate Chip cone from East Coast Custard.

Tuesday, March 20

List of things to do

A short TED video exhorts us to live our dreams, if only for 30 days.

Wednesday, March 21

Close-up of words written in chalk

A low-tech but profound public art project gives people a chance to share their dreams with the world.

Thursday, March 22

Detail of photo of skyscrapers

It's called a cinemagraph: movie + photo. It uses an old and simple web technology to create a magical result.

Friday, March 23

Monkeys in zoo

A visit to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with the grandkids is a fun way to spend the afternoon. For us humans. For the animals, maybe not so much.

Saturday, March 24

Snippet of conversation

Anonymous conversations via a website that exists to let you talk with strangers. Mostly superficial, sometimes oddly compelling.

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