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May 21, 2012

What a pile of...

Wheelbarrow next to a big pile of dirtMy task over the next week or two? To move this pile of dirt from neighbor Bob's driveway to my yard, one wheelbarrow load at a time.

I asked for it. In fact I paid about $200 for Grace Brothers Nursery to dump 6 cubic yards of topsoil and compost right where it is.

Fortunately Bob doesn't use the driveway of his rental house on 31st Place and agreed to let me take it over.

Otherwise I'd have had this pile in front of the gate to our "back 40", half blocking the street and making me no friends among folks who live nearby.

All afternoon I'd have been shoveling furiously to move clear it off the street, an activity that would have left me exhausted and in way too much pain to sit here and write this.

Thanks, Bob!

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