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April 30, 2012

Online at last

Screen shot of VCD Portfolio Showcase 2012 home pageIt was a bit of a struggle at times, but we finally got the Portfolio Showcase website online today.

Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake, asking our web team to make changes in the middle of the day.

Why was that a mistake?

Well, any time you upload files to the server you run the risk of breaking something. Usually it's a small error, easily fixed. But...

You don't want to be doing this when people are likely to be going to the website.

For the first time.

After you sent 300 of them an email a few moments ago urging them to visit.

Yep, one of our changes left the home page looking mighty homely at a time when people were seeing it for the first time. We quickly fixed it, but for an unknown number of our visitors the damage was done.

From now on we'll be making changes very late at night.

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