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June 6, 2012


Fencing around raised beds in gardenI tried to not gloat the other day when I trapped a groundhog in the garden. It was a small one, and I've seen a bigger one calmly munching on our neighbor's veggies. I knew I'd won a skirmish but probably not the war.

This morning, two chewed-over containers of lettuce and several tomato plants with missing leaves proved that point.

So the trap is out again, baited with more apple slices.

On the defensive side, I put 3-foot wire mesh fencing around the two raised beds. I hope this will protect what's left of the kohlrabi, along with watermelon, butternut and spaghetti squash plants, from the groundhog's voracious appetite.

No doubt a hungry groundhog could tear down my flimsy barriers, but I'm counting on him/her being lazy enough to not bother and simply move on to another garden. Sorry, neighbors.

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