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May 5, 2012

First planting

Pepper seedlings in groundThese are the first peppers of this year's garden. Not much, but it's a start. Between today and tomorrow I'll plant 3 kinds of peppers: frying, red and gold; two types of tomatoes, grape and regular; and basil.

Later this week I'll be back at Rosby's for more plants: tomatoes for sure, probably another variety or two of pepper (did I mention that I love peppers?), and who knows what else.

I'd love to plant squash but have had poor results every year. Even zucchini, the prolific plant that drives many gardeners crazy, seems to die off most years. Haven't had much luck with other kinds of squash either.

And then there's the groundhog. The wire fencing in the photo is an attempt to keep him from snacking on my seedlings. He chewed his way through quite of bit of last year's.

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