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February 7, 2012

Gone, not forgotten

Two Flxible buses in junkyardHidden behind pine trees on Elm Street in Olmsted Falls is a bus graveyard.

Every time I drove by in recent weeks I caught a glimpse of the rounded tails and roof scoops on these two beauties who've seen better days.

One had a "Flxible" logo on it, and I guessed that the streamlined look was from around 1950. I googled "Flxible streamline 1950."

Sure enough I found many websites devoted to old buses, and CreativeCruiser.com helped me identify these as Flxible Clippers.

The one on the left with straight windows is a pre-1941 version. On the right the slanted side windows with a louvered one in the back make this one either 1941 or 1944-46. In 1942 and 1943 Flxible didn't sell buses due to the war.

In my research I even ran across a "Lost Flxible Rescue Society" that tries to keep these mid-century beauties from going to the scrap heap. I think I'll contact them about my discovery.

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