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July 21, 2011

Groundhog war: tactics

Trap for groundhog baited with PB&JI thought maybe it had be run over by a car, but no such luck. After about a week of no groundhog damage in the garden, yesterday he chewed up the broccoli that had slowly recovered from his initial attack. Also munched on carrot tops, lettuce and a few green tomatoes.

So I'm back on the attack with the trap, baited this time with peanut butter and jelly. If this doesn't work I'll have to get a cantaloupe, the "no-fail" bait according to the Havahart website.

Cantaloupe with wire cage around itAnd since canteloupe is apparently irresistible to these critters, I put a wire cage around the one that's growing in the garden, at this point the only fruit on the wandering vine.

I have to fight for this melon. If my offense doesn't work, let's hope my defense does.

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