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APRIL 9, 2011

Not all fun & games

I've become very interested in how we might improve education by incorporating what are called "game mechanics"—the things that make playing video/computer games so darned compelling. I've written more or less favorably about it here, here, here and here.

Super Mario Brothers with Gaddafi head on oneI know that not everyone agrees.

You might think this approach trivializes education or "panders to" young people by trying to make learning more appealing. But I never thought of "gamification"—as it's called—as "a pernicious worldview" or "a tactic...employed by repressive, authoritarian regimes."

To explore this alleged link between Muammar Gaddafi and the Super Mario Brothers, read the Slate article I Don't Want To Be a Superhero by Heather Chaplin.

I'm interested in your reactions to her article and/or your views on the trend toward gamification in education. Click the "small speech balloonsComments" link below to add yours.

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