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MARCH 9, 2011

Old school animation

There are newer and cooler ways to do animation on the web. Adobe Flash has been the go-to tool for years, and more recently HTML/CSS/Javascript has been coming on strong. Even Adobe, makers of Flash, are getting into the game. But way back in the prehistoric days of the web GIF animation was all the rage.
You remember GIF animation...it brought you things like this animated moose and this rotating at sign

Ah yes, those were the days!

home page for class websiteWell, just for the heck of it I tried to put this technique to use in a more subdued way to create a starry sky as the home page for my Web Publishing I class.

You can be the judge as to whether I succeeded or not: Web Publishing I, Cuyahoga Community College.

A big advantage to using animated GIFs is that they can be easily created using the designer's Swiss Army knife, Photoshop.

And they work in any browser, old or new, without any plug-in (unlike Adobe Flash).

And the animation even plays (excruciatingly slowly) on my first-generation iPhone.

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