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APRIL 30, 2011

Beautiful clouds, blue skyIt was a pleasant and sunny Saturday. The high point may have been a visit to Edgewater Park just before sunset, which left me with this image of backlit clouds against a blue sky.


Group of people cleaning a brick alleyOne of the things I love about living in my neighborhood is the way people work together on everything from feeding the homeless to the annual Spring Cleanup.

If you live in the city you know that once the snow melts mounds of trash are revealed below.

I spent a couple of hours this morning, first picking up a big bag of said trash from along Franklin Avenue, then working with friends and volunteers cleaning an alley a half-block from my house.

This is what I call a neighborhood, which means more to me than a brand like Ohio City, Inc. Yet it was no small irony that I ended up working side by side in this alley with one of the main proponents of OCI. But then, that's what happens in a neighborhood.

View looking south on West 25th St.If you haven't been on West 25th recently, you might be amazed to see its transformation from a grimy semi-abandoned shopping area to a cleaned-up semi-hipster area.

Note the Airstream vintage clothing "pop-up store" in this view looking south toward the West Side Market. The local guitar player is sitting in front of a microbrewery set to open soon, run by the owner of the restaurant and bar across the street.

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