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APRIL 25, 2011

More advice

The 50 things every graphic design student should knowWith mixed feelings I'm writing about yet another list of things young designers should know/should have learned in design school.

This list is as good as most. I've told my own students many (but not all) of these. I agree with most of them.

But just as I got ready to post the link on our class Facebook page I decided to think it over. Do students need yet another easy-to-scan collection of bullet points? And who is this guy Jamie Wieck (the list's author) anyway?

His "About" says: "Jamie Wieck is a design factotum; he is a designer who illustrates, an illustrator who directs and a director who writes."

Designer's business card with sprouts growing out of itDesign factotum? Give me a break. Sounds way too pretentious for me. But I clicked around his website and found lots of smart, interesting projects. His self-initiated work shows more imagination than I can muster on even my best day.

For example, he rewrote the design brief for a business card and came up with a mini-planter. He also designed a whimsical plate to encourage kids to eat their vegetables, and a pair of Christmas cards that make the stamp part of the illustration.

Smart, clever stuff.

The best advice

A bit more exploration and I discovered another blog entry that takes a little longer to read than the list of 50 things, but may have more to offer both young designers and the rest of us.

I have no second thoughts about recommending The Best Piece of Advice I’ve Been Given About Graphic Design. Read it then look at Mr. Wieck's portfolio to see the results.

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