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APRIL 18, 2011

New growth

Daffodils and Forsythia in front of houseEarly Spring is the best time for our front yard, as the forsythia and daffodils burst out in all their sunny glory. It's all downhill as the blossoms are all replaced by greenery.

This is the first time we're seeing them backed up by the house's new yellow and green color scheme. Pretty good combination.

More growth

Alex and slideSeems appropriate that last night a couple of young people from the neighborhood gathered a bunch of us gray-haired types together to pitch their idea for a bike shop called Joy Machines.

Alex (shown here) and Renato had done their homework. They talked us through a slide show explaining their ideas, ending up with a pitch for investments in the form of small loans.

Reminded me of things I was involved with when I was around that age, but mine weren't as well thought-out. It's interesting that they chose to talk with us, representatives of an older generation. When we were young we tended to talk mostly to people our own age. Not sure if it's because we didn't feel we had the support of older people or we just didn't even think to reach out.

I'm cheering for Joy Machines and will be writing the guys a check. You can cheer them on (or write them a check) at www.joymachinesbikeshop.com.

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