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APRIL 1, 2011


Cleveland skyline, looking East from West 25th streetAfter yesterday's snow, today's cool but sunny was a welcome change. I took this picture looking east from West 25th St. while walking home from the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower City. For more on what I saw and what I thought about the Festival, see tomorrow's entry.

April Fool's

Students in my Portfolio Preparation class shocked me with an April Fool's prank that became—once I realized it was a joke—the highlight of my day. Without going into the details, for a moment I thought that all the progress we'd made was down the drain.

As a teacher I've come to expect surprises like this. It's not uncommon to go from feeling on top of the world one day to near-despair the next. You learn that your view of things can easily be wrong. This time I was happy that the joke was on me. And it was a joke.

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