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July 12, 2011

Beer list for samper at Market Garden BreweryNew brews

First visit yesterday to the Market Garden Brewery on West 25th St. Here you see the choices I made for my 6-glass beer sampler.

They are roughly arranged lighter to darker except for the last, a very light wheat beer, never my favorite style. But with eight beers to choose from I avoided the two darkest ones, leaving this lineup.

I liked the first three the best and the blonde #4 was OK. So I seem to be a lager fan. None of them knocked my socks off, but most were very drinkable (again, other than the wheat.)


Appetizers on trayI love how the Market Garden folks have transformed the old poultry shop next to the West Side Market into a very attractive pub without completely obliterating its past.

This shows the Brew House where the beer is actually made. The front building on West 25th used to be a Middle Eastern grocery store, and it's been completely transformed into an attractive dining area.


Geo and beer samplerThe occasion for this visit was to welcome home Geo, a former student at Tri-C now serving in Afganistan. We enjoyed our beer samplers, some fries and a very good pretzel as we hung out on the tree-shaded patio.

Nice way to spend an afternoon.

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