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June 27, 2011


Backyard, grass and flowersYesterday was a transition day. We were still sort of on vacation, or at least in vacation-recovery mode. Today was Monday, a whole different story.

I spent what seemed like all day (really only 3-4 hours) cutting the grass and getting rid of the worst of the weeds. The weather was fantastic—sunny but not too hot—so it was almost fun.

Fooled by this success I went to Edgewater Park for a run, the usual five miles that I'd been doing every other day before vacation. I planned to continue more or less on the same schedule while we were on Kelleys Island.

Well, I didn't. Not every other day, not every third day, not even once a week. Actually, not even once. Ad today I felt it. I slogged around the track at what can be charitably described as a "slow jog." I used to look down at anyone keeping a pace like that, considering myself a runner, not a jogger.

Not today though.


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