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MAY 5, 2011

Thursday images

Car with "Buy American" scratched on trunkYep, if that was my Honda, the way someone "keyed" their advice into the trunk would make me feel so patriotic I'd run out and buy a Ford Fusion (made in Mexico).

Old library card catalogBefore the internet, before Google, before Wikipedia, this is the main hardware needed to search for information about stuff.

Every library had an area with rows of these wooden cabinets holding the "card catalog", a collection of neatly-typed note cards showing authors' names, book titles, and/or keywords.

In a big library, like the one in downtown Cleveland, the card catalog took up a whole room.

Notice the silver loop handle that you stuck your finger into to pull the drawer out. At the bottom of the photo, the dark horizontal pieces are shelves that you'd pull out to rest the drawer on while you flipped through hundreds of index cards looking for the title or keyword you needed.

In the basement at Tri-C, these relics of the analog age are wrapped in plastic ready to be scrapped.

Pastry marked with a sign saying "eat us"It's the end of the semester and students are sleeping less (if at all) and consuming vast quantities of sugar and caffeine to help them get their final projects done.

Outside our main computer lab the instructions are quite clear.

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