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July 6, 2011


Daylily flower and budsAfter reading a couple of articles about eating flowers, I picked some daylilies, mostly buds and one flower, to try with dinner tonight. Also a marigold to sprinkle on a tossed salad, and some fresh basil.

Before cooking everything looked great. Hard to see how you could go wrong.


Daylilies, garlic and basil in frying panTwo cloves of minced garlic and several basil leaves chopped up went into the frying pan with olive oil and a bit of butter. I sauteed the mixture for just a couple of minutes.

pasta topped with sauce and dayliliesThe result, with grated Asiago cheese and a roasted red pepper sauce I made on Sunday.

What did it taste like? Well, it's hard to say. Kind of vegetable-y, sort of like zuccini, but a slightly different texture. If you didn't know about the daylilies you might not pick them out from any other sauteed veggies.

Will I eat them again? Not sure. One article mentioned that some people "get farty" after eating daylilies, and I may be one. Or maybe it's the beer I had before dinner.

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