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JANUARY 18, 2011

What's interactive?

Whiteboard covered with notes about interactive mediaBy the end of today's lively discussion in the first Interactive Media class of the semester we had some ideas on the whiteboard but no clear agreement on exactly what it is that we'll be studying for the next fifteen weeks.

That's OK. Part of the reason it's so hard to define IM is that the field is very young and still growing and changing. Technology that was state of the art fifteen years ago is essentially dead and buried today (see New Life for Interactive Media).

We ended class with the idea that we'd keep wrestling with the definition via our class Facebook page. Even this reflects a change in how we use interactive media. Last semester we used Google Groups for our class site, but technical glitches have made us less enthused about that option. Since Facebook is already a part of many people's daily lives we hope that continuing the class online via FB will be easier and more fluid. We hope for more frequent participation. We'll see.

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