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JANUARY 5, 2011

Top Ten articles for 2010

Sadly only two articles from the past year made the list. Six are carryovers from last year (the number in parentheses shows their rank in 2009). Two older articles made the list for the first time.

1 (1) Faces of Pain Chart - Feb. 22, 2008

Illustration of Earth at Winter Solstice.

The Wong-Baker Pain Chart holds the world's fascination for yet another year. With 5,000+ pageviews it outdraws the rest by about 4,000. I don't get it.

2 (3) David Carson; LeBron Etch A Sketch - June 14, 2007

Text of medical test results

The lead article is about designer David Carson, but the draw is LeBron James. Now that he's gone from Cleveland maybe his popularity will drop.

3 (4) Lake Erie UFOs - Mar. 2, 2007

Newspaper article about UFOs

Hard to beat a good UFO story, or any local UFO story at all. The best part of this one, a home video, was removed from YouTube by its owner.

4 Advice to an "A" Student - November 5, 2010

Detail of grade sheet printout

Some students may be motivated by grades, for others it becomes a near-obsession. I'm not sure this is what education is all about.

5 (8) About The View From 32

Screenshot of web page

If you've ever wondered about the story behind this website, or why the pages change colors from month to month, you'll find answers here.

6 (7) Shepard Fairey: is it plagiarism; Obamacize yourself - January 22, 2009

Christmas greetings

The Obama HOPE poster made graffiti artist/designer Shepard Fairey famous enough to be sued by Associated Press for stealing one of their photos. The story is complicated, the issues cloudy.

7 Precious, the movie - December 4, 2009

Star of movie

It's stark and brutal at times, but alive with great performances. There's no happy ending, but at least a bit of hope.

8 (10) Package pornography: sexy water bottle - Aug. 9, 2008

Plastic water bottle

By now everyone should know that bottled water is an environmental disaster. This "sexy" packaging makes it even worse. What were they thinking?

9 Lake Erie water snake - June 20, 2009

Christmas greetings

The water snakes on Kelleys Island always patrol the beach. Once in a while we get to watch them swallow their prey on the rocks.

10 "Louder Than A Bomb" Is Da Bomb! - March 25, 2010

Christmas greetings

One of the best of the many films I saw at this year's Cleveland International Film Festival was about a poetry slam team from an inner-city high school. The students I saw it with were cheering along with it.

A little better

Compared to last year, the numbers show slight improvement:

The best day was November 8, with 597 visits.

What were they thinking? (top search words):

Believe it or not, the rest of the top ten were variations of the pain chart search.

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