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DECEMBER 28, 2010


A couple of days after Christmas and I was down in the dank basement working on a gift for my son. I gave him a sample (the letter "D") on Christmas Eve. Now I have to make the entire lighted sign saying "Danny's Place " that will hang over the bar in his basement room.

As I struggled with inadequate lighting, a beat-up Craftsman scroll saw that was my Dad's, and a shop area that's a total mess, it reminded me of the many projects I've made over the years.

There are guys who keep their shops organized in a way that would make Martha Stewart proud. I'm a lot more like my father, which is to say, not very organized. He at one point ordered a sheet of paper with the outlines of tools on it. You were supposed to mount that on pegboard, add the appropriate hanging gizmos, and thus always keep your tools where they belonged. He never got around to that part. I never even got the sheet with outlines on it.

Flickering LEDs

Interesting thing happened when I took this picture of my handiwork. The bright LED bulbs on the sample "D" are dark. Yet I could see them shining brightly. If you mouse over the photo you'll see proof of that with a picture I took with the overhead light off.

I'm guessing that the LEDs actually flicker at a rate barely noticeable to the naked eye (I notice this when I move my head). The camera shutter at 1/160th of a second must have caught them while "off." But when I shut the overhead light off the shutter snapped much more slowly due to the low light, and this time it caught them "on."

That's my theory. Anyone know about this?


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