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APRIL 11, 2011

Like our lineup?

If you're a regular reader you may remember that this year's Portfolio Preparation class struggled for weeks to come up with a theme for this year's show. We started with brainstorming, went through a glass/mirror phase, an ice cream phase, and finally settled on a police lineup look.

We liked "Design so good it's criminal" but thought people might take that as a negative, so chose "Quite a lineup" as the show name.

As of today the logo and initial mailing are being designed, and a website is set to launch this Friday. Lots of activity being documented by the Photo students.

We'd sure like it if you'd "Like" us on Facebook. Click the badge at right to go to our FB page where you'll see pictures and a running commentary from students about how the show planning is going.

Be sure to click the Facebook "Like" button button at the top of the page so that you get regular updates.

And we'd love to meet you in person on May 12-13th when we take over Rooms 17 and 18 in the shiny new Center for Creative Arts at Tri-C Metro Campus.

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