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July 4, 2011

Hitting the trail

Shady bike trailThe weather was great today—sunny, temperature in the low 80s—so we decided to throw the bikes on the car and go for a ride along the Towpath Trail. We started at Harvard Road and went south to the Visitor's Center, about 7 miles.

Usually we drive to the Center and head south from there, so this was a pleasant change. This trail is twisty and shady for quite a while before it hits the straighter, more open areas that we're used to along the canal further south.

About that groundhog

A couple of days ago I declared war on the groundhog that's been chewing up my garden. I figured since he started by first eating my broccoli plants that he must love the stuff. Well, I put a big piece in the trap and after two days it's still untouched.

The Havahart website says that cantaloupe is irresistible to groundhogs, so that's my next step.


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