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FEBRUARY 19, 2011

On patrol at Edgewater Park

The wind off the lake made it feel a whole lot colder than 30 degrees at Edgewater Park this afternoon. I ended my run at four laps rather than the five that I usually do. Of course the fact that I haven't done any running for a couple of months may have been a part of my decision too.

But back to the seagulls... I'm always fascinated by their windy weather strategy. A group of gulls seems to patrol a section of lakefront, maybe 100 yards or so. They fly forward, making slow headway against the wind. Then as they reach a certain point one by one they peel off and fly to the rear, where they turn and fly forward again.

I asked the Internet what the gulls are up to. Google led me to the site Ask A Biologist. I posted my question and am anxiously awaiting an answer.

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