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DECEMBER 10, 2010


In May of 2008 I decided to give my laptop a new look by using one of my photos to create a "skin", a tough plastic sticker to put on it.

I did a Google search and found a website that advertised custom skins for about $30. Sounded good. I uploaded my artwork and was ready to go.

Almost. The site's "Preview" area wouldn't give me an accurate view of whether the text at the lower right was going to fit or not. Since having my web URL was a big part of why I wanted the skin, I left the site in frustration and forgot about it.

A couple of weeks ago Snapfish.com advertised 60% off on certain items, including—ta-daa—laptop skins. My Snapfish order sent me to a site called Skinit.com. Skinit did have an accurate preview so I was pretty sure I'd get what I hoped for. I hit the "Check Out" button.

In about a week I got the skin, rolled up inside a sturdy cardboard tube. Here it is installed on my MacBook Pro. Mouse over the image to see it with the lid open.

With a discount, the usual $35 price end up $19 including shipping. The image is printed on automotive-grade 3M material, so it should hold up pretty well.

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