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APRIL 6, 2010   

Games? Seriously?

In our Media Design class we've been exploring how games are affecting design and culture, starting with the two videos you can watch below. If you're a gamer you'll love them. If you're not a gamer you'll want to start. If you hate games, you really need to watch them.

Incidentally, we found both of these talks via TED.com. The site promises Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world. It delivers.

"Games are essential to the future survival of the human species."

Jane McGonigal

"It's possible that they'll inspire us to be better people"

Jesse Schell

If you're intrigued by this short video, watch the full 28-minute Design Outside the Box talk that shows where Facebook fits in the scheme of things, and explains why we need to move beyond it.

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