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NOVEMBER 26, 2009   

Turkey verdict

Turkey on platter, with white meat cut offToday the pricey "good" turkey went into the oven and onto our plates. Despite the instructions given to me at the market and similar advice from a Facebook friend, I didn't take steps to keep from overcooking the breast meat. It ended up pretty dry, though good-tasting.

Since the turkey had not been injected with "basting liquid" it should have been obvious that I needed to baste it myself, put butter and garlic under the skin, cover the breast with foil, or otherwise do something to keep it moist. I did none of the above.

Still, it tastes good, and as advertised, there's a lot of white meat. Most years I have to carve at least some of both sides of the breast for dinner. Today even after leftovers late in the day I'm still working on the same side.

The verdict: good decision as long as the budget permits.

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