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AUGUST 28, 2009   

Funny, you don't talk like a SouthernerAl wearing black felt hat from Georgia

Here I am, sporting my new hat from Georgia.

Oops, it's the other Georgia, the one that used to be part of the Soviet Union. We're hosting a visitor to Cleveland from this small country that was involved in a brief crisis with Russia in 2008.

He arrived late this afternoon dragging two big and incredibly heavy suitcases. Once upstairs in our guest bedroom he pawed through a suitcase and brought out gift after gift: a slim bottle of ChaCha Georgian vodka, a photo book of his country, a small bowl and several unique wine glasses, and this hat which he ceremoniously put on my head.

The wine glasses are very different from the ones we used yesterday at the wine bar. Georgians are apparently quite serious about their drinking. These glasses have pointed bottoms, meaning you can't set them down without spilling the contents. I guess the idea is you just hold them and drink until they are empty.

I think I'm gonna like this guy.

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