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AUGUST 16, 2009   

Tomato harvest begins

Al holding tomatoFor the last week or two we've picked a few cherry tomatoes (most eaten on the spot) and a couple of Romas. Today was a big day: our first ripe Beefsteak.

Last year I planted mostly Rutgers and was disappointed by their flavor—not very tomato-ey. This year I wanted something more traditional, and Beefsteak is what my dad always planted in our garden on Heath Avenue.

It would have been smarter for me to try a couple other varieties for comparison's sake, but when I bought plants at Rosby's they only had Beefsteak and Rutgers. So I have a garden full of Beefsteaks, and it looks like by the end of the week we'll be giving them away to friends and neighbors. Not a bad problem to have.

Big slice of tomato on bread with a bite taken outFor me, the ultimate test of tomato flavor is a sandwich on white bread with mayo. We didn't have white bread so I substituted a very thin slice of 7-Grain from Christopher's. A light sprinkle of Lawrey's Seasoned Salt on top finished it off.

The first-bite verdict: a B, maybe even a B+. So far, so good.

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