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OCTOBER 30, 2009   

Luv ya, Lake Erie!

Looking NW across Lake ErieI've lived in Cleveland most of my life. Short stays in Dayton and Indianapolis reminded me that what I love most about my hometown is Lake Erie.

The open horizon that separates sky and water always gives me a feeling of joy and possibility. Any view, any season works—each has its own particular beauty.

In Fall, color is king.

Milkweed and rocksAlong the rocky north shoreline of Edgewater Park milkweed is sending its fluffy explorers out to find new homes.

Contrasting shapes and textures make this "weed" most beautiful when it's gone from green to gray.

The fact that milkweed is the sole food of Monarch butterfly caterpillars is a bonus.

Ginko tree with bright yellow leaves under it.The bright yellow carpet under the gingko tree drew me across the park.

Bright yellow ginko leavesSome years the gingko is last to shed its leaves. Not this year.

Edgewater beach framed by red leavesThe beach was nearly empty. Gulls, geese and most people went somewhere else.

I don't mind sharing my lake (come visit sometime), but solitude is good too.

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