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NOVEMBER 22, 2009   

Mixed messages

Sign that says Avenge the Deaths of my friendsA few days ago the city came and put a chain-link fence in front of the burned-out boarding house down the street. The stuffed animals and hand-written messages are now trapped behind steel wire. It makes the latest sign seem even more grim. Copies were tacked to the tree in front of the house, too.

Rumors on the street and comments in the newspaper talk about arson as the cause of the fire. Some people claim to have seen and/or heard two men run from the house right before the fire and jump into a black pickup truck. Apparently the police and fire departments are investigating, but I haven't heard any news about results.

Please avenge the deaths of my friends signApparently some other folks want to take action. Their call for revenge is ironically just a few feet from this letter from the daughter of one of the victims. She talks about her father teaching her "to forgive and forget."

With that in mind I took down the flyers.


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